For biodiversity conservation and ecological monitoring

Fully Autonomous drones

Launching Soon

Fully Autonomous

Computer Vision
6x Cameras
Surround view
Automatic crash avoidance
360 Degree Vision
Depth Detection
Semantic understanding
Obstacle Avoidance

Mission Optimized

Plan a mission
Autonomous navigation planning
Target tracking
Path planning

Long Rang and Battery Life

Mount upto 4 x 5Ah batteries
Wired power with battery bank
Upto 10 km long range
Extend range with amplifier

Public safety

Will be optimized for public safety missions such as crime scene investigation, forensic collision reconstruction, search and rescue, and monitoring critical incidents.
These drones will also have the capabilities to perform emergency surveillance, researching, and remote piloted aircraft countermeasures

Ecological monitoring and biodiversity conservation

Ability to assess the state of ecosystems, effects of disturbances, dynamics and changes of biological communities, mapping of species distribution
Ability to equip drones with high resolution visible, multispectral or thermal cameras

Remote Deployment

Self dock in remote areas
Long-term monitoring